maanantai 10. maaliskuuta 2014

○ 2014 ○

FIRST check this video, you can spot someone from there, hehe *__*

Oh... it's already year 2014. Last time I blogged was December, almost 4 months ago. Anyway let's have a new start for blogging. I going to tell you about everything "4 months in a nutshell" you know thingie. There is probably lots of grammar mistakes since it's been awhile I have written something in english for awhile. So much word awhile, sozz. It may take awhile from you since probably reaaally long post so prepare yourself seeing lots of photos of me and me because this is my blog and well it contains mainly my face.

X-mas went it was pretty well, I don't even remember anything about it but I visited Veera with Stella on X-mas holiday. Hmm, we was pretty drunk but I luv these two awesome gurls. There isn't my own hair pics anywhere since the hair progress was horrid. Fading red with ugly roots ya know?

Then the shittiest New Year celebrating party with mostly with myself. Also some bleaching progress for you to see red to blonde!

One of my new wigs, the bob one. sponsored by SoLolita! And another sneak peak of the dress they sponsored. Going to do another post about that. ;) and also about our mini meet up with awesome gurls months ago!
And then I went to eat sushi, lots of, lots of sushi with sweet Emma! We also bought some bubble tea. I could probably live only with bubble tea, it's so good! *_*

Ahh then there was this random "let's rent a cottage for 20 people and party hard the whole weekend" and not to mention that also sitting in car for 9 hours to get there and another 9hours to get back. It was so much fun! I felt so alive after hanging alone and being busy with job. Also btw I'm in driving school!! Haven't kill anybody yet awhile driving. I also visited Turku few weeks ago and saw some friends. Hmm.. what other things I should tell you..

My new extensions came! And try give a guess what color I'm going to dye next! ;---)
Also my mother got married! I'm so happy for both - Pasi & my mom. ♥

with my beautiful aunty, Phen ♥

My tiny mother and little sister, and yeah Siiri is taller than me.. XD so who was the big sister lol.

We was celebrating both, me turning to 18 and my mother's and Pasi's engagement!

Yup, I turned 18 yesterdey, 9th of March. I've waited it for a looong time. And to be honest feels pretty awesome to have access to buy some sparklers. Haha. Yeah next weekend big party coming! Can't wait to party with the best.

See ya till next post!

maanantai 16. joulukuuta 2013


Hello everyone! Few days ago I and many others Weareblogs's bloggers were invated to Costo x Pure Waste Opening party. The pop-up store is located at Helsinki, Frederikinkatu 59, so if you are doing x-mas shopping I recommend to check this awesome store! I thank gorgeous Rebecca for some of the pictures because I took photos only with iPad since my camera's flash is broken.

All the products are 100% recycled and the selection of colors, models, products is amazing! 

I'm midget. and can you see all the nice hats :;--;

I tried multiples hats because all of them was so cuuute! First I was stuck with yellow hat but then I choosed the hat which is called Sobei, I think, because I didn't have a hat for winter so this one is perfect. ♥ They have webstore if you don't live near Helsinki. Everything is eco and unique! 

Cute Pernilla 

Me and Elise, we are yellow 

There is also possible to bring your old demin clothes to the pop-up store and they will pimp it up for you! I already got mine to home but haven't took any photos of it yet but you I'll see it in future! ;) Also there still might be some Ben & Jerry ice-cream there for free so, better to check that out too! 

I'll blog more soon what I've done lately! Bye, good night!

torstai 21. marraskuuta 2013

Where I've been?

I've been social playing ha-rpg  so that is mostly why I haven't done any blog entries! If you are interested seeing my face everyday you should follow my instagram, ahah. I almost update it everyday. But yeah, I've took lots of selfies (sensitive wc selfies) lately. Also I have been in some Gyaru meet ups with awesome some gals and went to movies 2 times with two different people, huh I've been busy. Beware there is lots of photos but feel free to comment my pumpkins!

I went to see Sari about nearly a month ago looking like this ↓ and some pics of my old tattoos because I'm going to get new one on this Friday! I really liked her works so click the picture and see some of her works. I really look up to this opportunity work with her. She seem to be very responsible what she do and want to be sure that client is pleased with the result! She have sketched many different versions of my tattoo. Finally we are both pleased with the result. Can't wait to get it!

Can you guess what kind of tattoo I'm going to take? ;--)!/sarppatekee?fref=ts

We also with meet up with Miinu, Pin & Salla! It was nice to hang out with them and we went to watch Turbo. The soundtracks were epic and the movie inself was funny and enjoyed it. As you see my red hair is fading away so no extensions because they are all different colors, lol.

(I'm not late.. really..)

 On right Halloween day I wanted to do something than just sit at home so closet cosplay of Nicki Minaj! Close, haha asian version.

Gyaru Finland facebook group's  "Galloween party" - event hosted Miki and many, many thanks to her! ;--; And of course thanks to the other gals, it was so nice to meet new people who likes same things!

Making of pictures of my suit first!

And the complete look! (minus the jacket) ;--;~ ♥ I did it in two days.. sewing trough the night. It took many tears but I won the costume contest! I liked my horns. ;3;

Also some photos with Pin the Ice Queer & Salla the Bambi!

© Miki Toikkanen/ ↓

There was maany beautiful gals and so many new faces! We also took derpherp pictures with da Ice Queer!


After running to bus stop and the crazy storm was with us, ew.
After midnight someone came over, Jamie! Das me. And another Wednesday I went to see my dear Stella, it was almost 2 MONTHS without seeing each other.. We went to watch Carrie, no it's not Sex and the City movie, haha. I thought that was too but it wasn't, that was some bloody things going on that movie.

Last but at not least we had our (gyaru-sa) Project Q's Halloween party! I think this meet up was the greatest for awhile, I enjoyed so much about people, food, accessories everything and Crispin! I cut the bangs really quickly on that morning, so yeah they are not even. I was Meido Satan! ♦

These pictures ↓ took by Anni da ladyboy who hosted the party at her house! Unluckily there was only 6 attending but we had great time! 

Anni's and her mother's cookings are the best and I think I should marry her because she could make the food and I do the manly things, sounds good to me. We watched few scary movies, did the unicorn sacrifice and just ate the whole time, well I ate the whole time and was the first one who went to sleep and first one who woke up. I just hanged around with Anni's parents and then soon Saara woke up and we talked a lot about horses ( I talked, she was just listening). When my horsie hype is going away??

Crispin, my man!

Picture above and under are fave ones from the last Saturday! ♥